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Protect Your Circuit Boards
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Intercept technology has been successfully used by:

Texas Instruments
• Alcatel Lucent
• Raytheon

• and many other companies

Effective Anti-Corrosion Packaging for Electronics


If you manufacture or store electronics, you know that their circuit boards are susceptible to environmental damage. Contamination can make the equipment inoperable, soldering difficult or incomplete, and create storage problems. Fortunately, we can provide high quality anti-corrosion packaging to keep your electronics safe while in shipment or storage.

Intercept Corrosion Prevention Packaging Co. provides anti-corrosion and anti-static packaging for printed circuit boards or PCB protection. This highly effective anti-corrosion packaging product is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, contamination and volatile free. Our products also provide permanent ESD protection coupled with long term corrosion protection and solderability preservation.

When you store your electronics within our anti-static packaging materials, you’ll be ensuring the ultimate protection of their circuit boards and all of your data that’s embedded within the device. Give us a call today at (908) 524-0895 for more information about our products and services.

PCB Protection

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About Us

Dust, contamination, outgassing, and moisture can result in major damage to bare boards, circuit boards, electronics components, assemblies, and systems within your electronics. Intercept Corrosion Prevention Packaging Co. helps reduce the possibility of damage with our proprietary Static Intercept® packaging material. This material was developed by Bell Labs to protect their equipment, boards, cards, and assemblies. Static Intercept prevents ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage, EOS (electronic overstress), and solderability issues caused by corrosion on leads.

The technology has been protecting electronics, telecom equipment, aerospace components, and more since 1993. We have been supplying the Static Intercept product since 2003 and provide state of the art protection as well as fast customer service. When you place an order Monday through Friday during normal business hours (9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), we ship your order the same day!

Static Intercept actually got its start at our sister company, Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care. The same technology is used to protect all types of metals from corrosion and tarnish damage. We also distribute our products in the jewelry and silver industries, including manufacturers, designers, retailers, wholesalers, etc.

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Intercept Jewelry Care


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